Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rising from the rubbles

Some days I feel like I have walked out of a battlefield, heavily wounded.
It feels like I have been thoroughly bruised and abused.

There are other enemies, within and without.

Those outside of me can only hurt me physically, but they can't shatter the person I am inside.

Not unless I allow them to.

No one can take away the experience, knowledge, skills, dreams and dharma that I have learnt in all these years.

These will always remain with me.

What doesn't kill me will truly make me stronger.

And stronger here does not mean that I become numb, or care less and start withdrawing within.

They can take a sledgehammer and demolish all they want.

They can win for now.

You can break me all you want, but I am not giving up.

I am just getting warmed up.

I will rise from these rubbles.

Simply because, I AM NOT DONE YET.

And guess what - you are not going corrupt my spirit or rip my heart.

I will still continue to believe in humanity.

I will still embrace friendship.

I will continue to love like there was no tomorrow.

Because compassion and wisdom will never fear the years, tears and labours of toil.

Because compassion and wisdom is the greatest kind of love.

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  1. Thank you Shirley for your great blog once again!


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