Wednesday, October 19, 2011


"People see only what they are prepared to see."

We all see only what we are prepared to see.
Beyond that, no one and nothing can convince us otherwise.
They can tell us and point it out to us, and we can squint our eyes very hard to look but we may not see anything.
Hence, looking and seeing are two very different things.

As Henry David Thoreau puts it -

"The question is not what you look at, but what you see."

And what happens when the very things you thought you saw, knew, understood and held dear - all of those things which you have carefully built and placed your faith in - begin to fall apart? Or worse, the vision you had held onto, believed in and had your faith engraved on it begin to unravel?

What then?

What happens to the Visionary whose vision is no longer valid and is on its way to become irrelevant or extinct?

Will the Visionary perish with the vision?

In these interesting times, change is inevitable.

Impermanence is the way of life. 

Even if we do not want to change, situations and the environment will force it upon us. We can't hold onto everything and everyone for as long as we like to hang onto them.

This also applies to our vision - be it in life, love or in business.

Our visions would and should change over time - as we all have changed over time and will continue to do so. We have experienced many different things, we learn, we grow and we keep evolving.

Through the years, we have viewed life differently as I am sure life has viewed us differently as well, and will continue to do so.

In order to survive and enjoy the journey of life, we do have to allow our vision to change and grow with us. Otherwise, we will end feeling very lost.

I guess, the real demise here would be our attachment to the old cherished vision - which may very well have worked for us in the past and carried us through to this day, but it may no longer be relevant in our present and future. This is something we have to face, realize and accept - at our own time and pace, naturally. 

" We can undertake only what we are ready and prepared for."

Without first being ready and prepared, we are definitely setting ourselves up for failure. Or rather, the higher risk of failure.

Our individual transformation maps out our external transformation, much like the visionary who will evolve his or her vision in business, life or love. 

The death of our old vision should not be the death of us.

The visionary must survive and continue to evolve and transform.

Whether we need to leave, take a break, change the game or playing field, change our views, we need to do something - anything at all - just as long as we do not stand still and burn into extinction with our old vision.

The journey does not end when the vision dies.

Because all visions were/are created by the visionary, the individual.

As we have created past visions, we can also create new ones. A new vision that is relevant to the world and time we live in, in sync with the person we are now, and to accommodate the visionary we will transform into for all our tomorrows.

It is not easy - but then again, all good things never came to us with ease and convenience, have they?

This is where I have arrived.

My current state of displacement - crying my farewells to an old dream and vision, while trying to build a new one for myself. 

What I am really done with here is the guilt.

I no longer wish to be made to feel guilty just because I continue to want things for myself, or to wish to go out and have some fun, or to be with someone. I do not wish to be given a long lecture about how selfish I am just because I choose something for myself and not for others. 

Yes, I am over with the guilt.

I have fallen from one extreme to another in the past. Being pushed to one thing or another, be it willingly or by mere obligation, or by the strength of the current. Constantly, trying to please someone or help someone else. Then feeling guilty when I have failed to meet the mark or just don't fit in. In the end, I have run myself into exhaustion. When fatigue consumed me, it left me paralysed with a great deal of negative emotions.

Of course, all the above is self-inflicted - as they always are. Ultimately, no one can hurt us as much as we hurt ourselves.

These are indeed very interesting times we live in.

Here, we all have the chance to find out who we really are and what we are made of. 





  1. Someone once told me that there are many unreasonable level of analysis and examination
    driven by the deep seated fear of making the wrong decision and having to deal with what YOU think people will think about you as a result. That someone ends by saying - let me give you a hint...people don't give a s**t, they are only worried about themselves.

  2. I enjoyed your post. It’s a lot like college – we should absorb everything we can but ultimately you need to take what you’ve learned and apply it.


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