Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Experiencing the WOW Factor at W BALI - Part One

WOW has a new standard, ladies and gentlemen...

Time: 10:47pm

Place: W Bali Retreat & Spa, Seminyak

Choice of slumber: Pool Villa

W Bali Retreat and Spa in Seminyak is a new "resort player" in the island of Gods. And as they say, the Gods are in the details. I must say that is what W Bali did very well. Small little touches here and there, and when we add them all together, we get a perfect blend of under-stated contemporary chic.

For starters, I love the theme colours of the villa - soft green, with splashes of purple against the backdrop of beige and cream. Now, I am so inspired...I may seriously consider adding green to my own home interiors when I get back.

It is definitely generously spaced and well designed. But then again, I have always thought that all Ws have an intelligent sense of spatial usage and design. The only bummer is that some of the fixtures they installed may not work as well as we, the tempo residents, would prefer. Most of the fixtures are obviously chosen because they look so darn good just sitting there. Sometimes form precedes function.

Back to W Bali...

All guests are segregated upon check-in.
Those who stay in rooms or suites check-in at the main hotel lobby.
While those who stay in the villas have a "special dedicated" check-in area.
Believe me when I say that there is nothing absolutely that fancy about being ushered into the "special dedicated" villa check-in area. It's not like they offered me any welcome drink or cold towel like they did in W Resort in Koh Samui. Perhaps W Bali learnt that I got very special promo rates for my villa and so, I get no added 'perks'. May be. haha

In any case, I was very much soothed when I arrived at my villa. Yes, like W Koh Samui, we get driven to our villas by the buggy. And guess what? My villa no. is the same my age, considering that my birthday just passed! Time to buy me some lottery tickets! :)

Now, allow me to welcome you into the W Bali's One Bedroom Pool Villa...

The Villa Entrance
I truly appreciate the pebbled stoned pathway and the mature flowering trees that greet an entrance. They add such warmth to the space.

The Bale or Pavilion

Upon entering the villa, on your left, you'll see your personal bale. In another words, your very own chill-out pavilion. It's all decked out with moroccan-like glass lamps, creatively designed cushions and pillows, and even an electric fan to cool you down on hot summer days. The bale or pavilion comes with drapes which you can close off for more personal privacy. But this being your very own pool villa, it is as private as you can get. One can even sun tan in the buff here!

I thoroughly enjoyed lounging out in the bale, reading and sipping a nice cool drink.
The Bale
And in the evening, you can even light a mosquito incense in that green porcelain canister. Notice the green snake like cushions behind the throw cushions? How's that for added creativity? But what really impressed me were the little details they put in - like the beaded tie-backs for the drapes in the bale.

The Divine Details

Small touches and little details do make the BIGGEST difference in every living space and even in personal appearances. This is how we distinguish style, class and elegance from the mindless masses who just follow what the trend-setters have done and paraded last season.

Now, onto my very favourite part of every living space...

Can you guess what it is?

It is the first place I check every time I enter a restaurant or hotel room or a villa. In fact, this is the space that I am most anal about.


Yes, I am beyond anal about bathrooms!

Bathrooms are very important to me and so, how they are presented, designed and decorated are all very precious to me.

Yes, I am sure many are surprised that the bathrooms precede the bedroom areas with me. The place of soul-searching soothing and relaxation, even pampering happens in the bathroom. Never the bedroom. The bedroom is reserved for more "acrobatic" and vigorous activities, apart from sleeping.  Hence, the bathroom is the temple of the house - for me, that is. And thankfully, W Bali's bathroom in the villa is all decked out in terrazzo. Another of my fave ingredient for bathroom design essentials! ;)

Nothing beats a bath with a view!
Imagine having a nice warm bath to cleanse away a tiring day. Add essential oils, candles, your favourite music and something extra like a glass of champagne or wine for added personal pampering! Soon, you'll agree with me that one's bathroom is truly one's personal temple. Perhaps, one of the spaces that you can truly have all to yourself these days - especially, if you are married with kids. Know what I mean?

Little Touches that enhance a bath
I love the small additions that they have added to the bath at W Bali. They have used an old oar as the bath tray. And even threw in the pet toys. Obviously, they wanted to be different than Koh Samui which gave black rubber duckies. Here, they gave the bath a family of froggies and some bath salts. The purple container you see here is filled with candles. How thoughtful! They must have heard about my bath rituals ;p

The colourful acrylic cards are NOT menus for the bath, but for BBQ. Odd, very odd, I know. Haven't quite figured that one out yet....what were they thinking?????

Send in the Back Up!

The above is too cute to go un-noticed by me!
Pretty lilac fabric bag to hold the extra toilet roll. Now, that's what I call a classy back up plan! Hehe

The WASH area

Pretty Decor for the Toilet

I told you that they were BIG on small details!
Who would have thought to put any decor pieces in the toilet? Most villas leave that area without any decorative items.
Personally, I truly appreciate the two toned ottoman seats. Well, I just value anything that enhances the bathroom and its usage.
At W Bali, they provide you with ample toiletries. You wouldn't even need to pack your own, apart from your beauty products, that is.
Everyone loves their Lemon & Sage Collection - from Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Soaps to Body Butter. They are not stingy in providing you with them. And they come in big bottles, unlike the tiny replicas we find in most hotels. Here, they gladly refill for you every day. I guess that also explains why they charge so much for a villa.

The Study Area

Now, this is where I am at my jammies, typing away. I love it that they installed electronically controlled blinds. And all windows have a view! Here, we have the iron cast glass windows that looks at the pretty wall of orchids. Well, some have yet to blossom. But that's all right. Even as it is, it is rather Zen.

Tomorrow, I shall have more to share. Believe it or not, I have not seen the rest of the resort as yet. I arrived very late today. I didn't want to do the morning rush and take the first flight out here. So, I only managed to check in at around 5pm. Traffic is very bad in Bali these days. Especially with the rain.

Hence, I stayed in and made full use of a magic button called, "Whenever/Whatever".

I suggest that you fully and thoroughly utilise this button. After all, it was all accounted for in the rate of your villa.

I had them provide me with whatever I most preferred. Extra lotion, for one. Ya, I had put on some weight since the Japan trip. I need more coverage now. Don't even ask how much! Growl, Snarl, Hiss, Sob! Sob! Sob!

Also, I had them change all my tea selection to just the way I like it - only green tea. So, please feel free to use that button as they aim to fulfill your every wish.

So, I stayed in and ordered in. The in-villa dining was not bad at all. Had the Wagyu Beef Burger with an extra side of steam veggies. Well, that balances off things for me. For tonight anyways.

So, for now, I bid you all a very good night and the sweetest dreams. Tomorrow, there shall be more stories. THE W BED beckons with its furry pillows....

Le Bed

Selamat Malam - as they say in Indonesian.

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