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The WOW Experience continues at W Bali Retreat & Spa in Seminyak....

Time: 9:55pm

Place: W BALI, Seminyak

I still haven't left the hotel since I checked-in yesterday .
I have just been chilling out around the resort and soaking up the sun in my private pool villa.
Still, I managed to finish a book before sunset today.

Oh, before I forget totally - they gave me a "welcome treat" when I got into the villa.
Viola -


How did they even know that I love cupcakes?!
Good homework, W folks!
The cupcake sitting outside the box is actually a candle. Such a delicious scent too.
And the box itself  is made of glass.
Inside - sits two lovely blueberry muffin cupcakes. I was so grateful that the icing is not the hard royal icing, but soft and not sweet at all. Of course, I licked every bit of it! Love the M & Ms too!

Bamboo Bird Cage Cubicle

I had breakfast at the "Starfish Bloo" restaurant.
Apparently, those staying at the Villas have their breakfasts here. And the rest will be having their brekkie in the "Fire" Restaurant. I shall check out "Fire" tomorrow morning, because Villa residents do have a choice and can exercise that choice. Such priviledge, ain't it? Right....

Honestly, I was not too impressed with their selection at Starfish Bloo's Buffet Breakfast. It is extensive but not as creative as the W Koh Samui's breakfast spread. Still, a sign that times are changing is that they serve Korean, Japanese and Chinese selection in their breakfast buffet. Yes, there are many Chinese from the Mainland and Koreans staying here with their families and kids. 

As for me, I ordered my fave breakfast dish - Eggs Benedict. Kindly do take note, however, the Starfish Bloo does have a wonderful menu for lunch and dinner. So, you must try it during your stay here. Chef Jack Yoss does serious flirting with his version of Pan Asian cuisine. You can even see him at work in the open kitchen.

After breakfast, it was exploration time.

The Main Pool

The Beach Bale comes with a Kiss Pillow

The Pool area cascades into a few levels.

I must say the beach in Bali can't be compared to Maldives. But Bali has the unique culture that no other place has.

So, every city or country and island have their own specialty or beauty.

One of the main reasons why I love to travel since young - I get to see so much more and learn what lies beyond my own very small world. It is always interesting and wonderful. I am always enriched beyond words by each experience.

Thankfully, the weather was kind to us today. It was sunny and breezy. The perfect combo.

From the pool, you can proceed right onto the beach or to WooBar.

This is a very funky bar that has a basement seating. It turns into a club-like atmosphere in the basement at night. And it has to be said that Woobar has split personalities. Why I say that? In the daytime, it looks completely harmless. It even houses an extremely large ceiling fan. I think they should call the Guinness World of Records.

World's Biggest Fan in a bar?
BUT at night, Woobar turns into a "femme fatale" and she lights up in various colours. No, I shall not post any pics of it here because it will not do this bar any justice. Truth is, I forgot to pack my camera - yea, the real one. Hence, all the pics here are taken by my BB. So, you just have to come here and experience Woobar for yourself. Let me give you one more reason to come to Woobar - during HAPPY HOURS - you get the "Buy 1 and get free 1" drinks! 

The Giant Mirror

The Lobby Lounge

The Lobby area is as fun as entering the rabbit's hole and into Alice's Wonderland.

You have Giant Mirrors, rocking chairs and lounge chairs of all different shapes and sizes. But they all are in keeping with the same colour schemes.

What I love the most about the lobby?

Well, the whole main building is circular in shape. I guess, this allow all the rooms to have the unobstructed view of the beach/ocean. They have placed these wonderful day beds that faces the pool and ocean. You can chill out here, read a book, order a cocktail and watch the sunset. It is indeed a gorgeous view. Needless to say, this is what I love the most about the lobby...this and that lobby bar that glows in various colours.


You have to try the Vanilla Bellini here. It is quite refreshing indeed. Of course, the best Bellinis I ever had was at Harry Cirpriani's in New York City. But that is another story altogether. Hehe

From the Bar, you can go down the "Hall of Drapes". Well, I call it that because the breeze blows the curtains so beautifully along this hallway. And it will lead you down to the Stafish Bloo restaurant. This restaurant does serve good lunches and dinners. There, I said it again.

The "Hall of Drapes"
Did you notice the designs on the ceilings? And then, did you notice the two ladies - one dressed in yellow and one in red? They are a part of a trio. I think they must be sisters - all dressed in the same outfit but just in different colours. Ms. Blue was missing in this pic. But I think they are just too cute to miss. And they are all very pretty too.

Oh, you'll like chilling out on the day beds at the lobby much to see. Various people of different nationalities and their sense of resort wear or cruise attire.'s a lot of eye candy and comedy in one place. Ok, moving along...

On the other side of the "Hall of Drapes", you'll enter the "Hall of Retail Therapy". Yes, I call it that. Because this is where all the resort's shops are housed. 

Btw, the label "Farah Khan" has a gorgeous boutique here. You have to visit it, even if you don't buy anything, but just to see it. No, no pics here. You'll just have to come and see for yourself.

As you pass the retail shops, there are very these large windows that allow us to look down into the "Fire" restaurant. Don't you just love the dining table piece and that very interesting chandelier? It looks so pretty at night too.

The Fire Restaurant

I just love high ceilings, period.

Now, beyond the main lobby check-in area, you'll find the SWEAT and the AWAY spa nicely tucked into their respective corners. SWEAT as its name suggests, is actually the resort's gym. It is open 24 hours. Just like their spa. I love anything that opens 24 hours - especially gyms and spas. It means that we can always come back at any hour after being thoroughly intoxicated and stuffed with amazing feasts  to burn out the calories. And afterwards, we can get detoxified at the spa! HAHA


Anything that has the words, "WHAT'S YOUR WISH" engraved into the entrance will definitely catch my attention for about a good 2 minutes, at least. I have decided to leave this area un-photographed because I do not think the decor is anything to shout about. It is modern, minimal and chic. But they do put a lot of effort in the little touches. The path into the spa area is flanked by waters. In these ponds, you'll find some coloured pebbles thrown into the midst. Some have words such as "laugh", "live", "love", "relax" and etc. It is indeed a cute, lovely touch.

Outside in the porte cochere, you'll find bikes to rent during your stay in the resort. However, these little purple babies below are not for rent. They are strictly for the staff, which W Bali refers to as their "Talent". But they did allow me to take a pic though ;)

Purple Scooters, anyone?

I adore scooters. And purple ones are just too adorable for words!
I suppose it would be hard to kidnap one of them into the trunk of my van and pack it home.
In any case, I trotted off to the lounge area and found a day bed with my name on it. Just in time for the sun to set.

Today was indeed a wonderfully relaxing day. They even put on the fire to enhance the sunset scene. How picturesque! 

The W BALI SUNSET (as taken from my day bed)

Well, everything wonderful (or bad, for that matter) must come to an end.
It's all temporary.
We all enjoy it while we can.
Even this lovely day, filled with delicious breeze and sunshine, has come to an end.
And soon, my stay at the W BALI will also fade into a memory.
Tomorrow, I shall be checking out and moving into a friend's personal villa in Sanur.
My Bali adventure will continue until 26th December and then, after which, I shall be heading to Hong Kong.

Impermanence is our way of life.


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  2. HEY Babe! Great to see that you are enjoying Life and having a good time :)

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