Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Question: What do they all have in common?

Answer: They are all famous to the point of being household names around the world.

Each are famous in their own right and for sure, every one of them are idols - global icons of sorts.

And it is very interesting to note how each of them has used their fame.

Mother Teresa is synonymous with compassion, loving kindness and helping those neglected children in Calcutta.

Tiger Woods was once a golf legend. Today, his name is synonymous with infidelity, Las Vegas, mistresses, sex scandals, in hiding, etc. These days, he is equated with anything but golf.

American Idol is a real testament that everyone wants to be "found" and have their "shot" at becoming a "STAR". And even if you do not become the chosen few, you'll have your 5 minutes of fame during the great search.

The world is completely griped with an inexplicable fascination over "celebrities" and "celebrity status".

It is almost reaching a point of nonsensical. If it hasn't already.

The fact that reality shows like American Idol can keep its audience glued to the tv every season validates the above statement.

So, let's take the case of Tiger Woods - he is a perfect example.

Previously, he was worshipped as a "Golf God". Women throw themselves at him, full knowing that he is (or was - one cannot be too sure now) married. Sponsors flooded him with all kinds of endorsement deals, making him the richest athlete. It seems that Tiger had the world in his hands and could do no wrong. People, young and old, men or women, all looked up to him. Well, now we know that some got more than just looking up at him.

Now, let's take a closer look at American Idol, what is it that viewers are really interested in?

Is it about watching people fail, laughing at those who can't sing to save their lives but insist that they sing so darn well, or really believing that some dreams do come true because American Idol gives everyone that fair chance? Is it all of the above?

Or may be it is because there is just really nothing good on tv these days?

Perhaps the simple truth is - we love to watch. WE are basically all VOYEURS in every sense of the word.

The dictionary defines it as An obsessive observer of sordid or sensational subjects.

We like it even more when we are allowed to vote beyond just observing, because our vote has a certain influence on the fate of their lives (within that American Idol context, of course).

Then we take someone like Mother Teresa who has practically given up her own personal life to care for others. In fact, she gives of herself so that others can become themselves, or have a better life for themselves.

But does anyone care to even glorify her as much as they honour celebrities and American Idol?

Would anyone even bother to trace her foot steps, let alone revere her foot prints left behind?

So, what does that really say about us - all of us?

Forget about pointing the 'accusatory' finger at this person or that person.

Drop it and pause for a moment.

Just take a good look at yourself for a minute.

Examine your own mind set and your fascination with a subject matter, an object or a person.

Just humour me for a second and do it.

For a change, look within yourself and your own mind.

What do you really see?

How do you see yourself?

The single most important lesson I have learnt so far -

There is no single most important lesson because it is a series, a succession of many lessons.

We gain new understanding and depth as we go along.

Sometimes we may never fully understand ourselves and our decisions even, until much later or until much older.

Complain or comment as much as you will, but you are also the one who watched the shows, bought the magazines, subscribed for it and even paid for the T-Shirt.

In our lifetime, ALL OF US have been guilty of one thing or another. Just because we haven't been found out does not mean that we are oh so innocent.

We are all still learning and struggling, because we are all students of life.

That is why Tiger Woods can screw up big time and he will most likely repeat various forms of screw-ups in his own journey in life, because he is not perfect.

No different than you and me.

This may be also why we adore watching American Idol. Because it reflects who we are, as we are NOW.

We are still finding our own ways, searching for the right answers to all the changing riddles and questions in our lives.

If we have truly graduated in any way or form - we'd all be like Mother Teresa, devoting ourselves to saving the rest.


Because if you truly understood suffering, pain, violence, hatred and misery - if you really understand the extent of cause and effect, of the grave consequences of every thing we do, say and even think, then you will never wish for anyone to experience any pain or suffering at all - ever.

You will want to commit yourself to caring for others and helping as many people as possible, because it is really scary and lonely to be out there all alone.

You will want to do all that you can to make the world a better place, because you really truly can!

We are all really blessed with different gifts and talents.

What we choose to do with our gifts and talents is what defines us.

As you can well see, how Tiger has used his fame and talents, then compare it with how Mother Teresa has used her fame and talents.

One has changed hundreds of lives and even inspired many.

The other has indulged in his own self-serving desires and also inspired many.

And I guess when you can't decide which is more important of the two, you turn on the tv and watch American Idol until you can figure it all out what is truly important to you in your own life.

 If there is one thing I've learnt in this lifetime, it is that the learning never ends until we end.

Every day is a discovery and a new level of understanding.

I say it again, What we choose to do with our gifts and talents will define us, and sum up our lives.

It is probably the only things that leave a lasting effect or impact long after we are gone.

Hence, you can rise from a zero to a hero OR fall from a hero to a zero.

Anything and everything is possible, because it lies in the palm of your hands and the decisions you make on a daily basis.


  1. We shall see how you will use your fame and name...

  2. Let's put it this way, I'd like to have great talent like Woods but a heart like Mother Teresa and a platform of Amerian Idol so that we can reach out to the youth. That would be utterly brilliant!


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