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Below is something very graphic and unpleasant but it is very necessary for me to write about it because at some point in one's life, we have to make a stand somewhere somehow, with regards to things that are vital to our lives, our environment or just in the name of humanity.

Forgive me if I am rambling on here. I get this way when I am emotional.

So, here is my first warning. Do not scroll down and do not click play if you have no interest to face the truth.

Somewhere in the world, dogs are being slaughtered for their meat because some people think it is yummy to eat.

Ah yes, this might just be in China or some Asian country whereby such atrocious habits are still being practised and allowed. For some, even encouraged.

But before you go into an emotional rage about the Chinese or the backward thinking Asians, 
I would like to humbly ask you to think deeper.

Yes, reflect much deeper as you watch and read on.

Dog Meat Trade

September 23, 2010

This is not an easy video to watch, but very necessary. Everyone should stop eating meat. If you cannot stand to watch animals being slaughtered, then how can you eat meat? Meat was a conscious being before it ended up on your plate. When you eat it and enjoy it, then you have to ignore the brutal facts of it’s slaughter. The more animals we hurt, the more karma we create for ourselves to be treated in the same way. All actions have consequences.

This old, outdated, peasant farmer’s thinking that if you don’t eat meat, your diet will not be complete and you will be unhealthy is wrong. It is just an excuse people still use to indulge in eating slaughtered flesh.

Never be in denial. Make a stand for important things in your life like saving animals 
and creating awareness for them.

Don’t hurt animals, don’t slaughter animals, and don’t eat animals. Be kind to them, feed them and let them have full lives also.  Share this video with as many people as you can. Save animals I beg you please.

Tsem Tulku

Now that you have watched and read this in its entirety. What thoughts come to mind?

I'll tell you what thoughts came to my mind.

This is the conversation that went on inside my head -

How are we any different when we slaughter other life forms for food such as chickens, cattle, pigs, rabbits, geese, ducks and etc.?

Are we really that different than the killers above?

Is dog meat any different than chicken meat, or pork or beef, etc.?

Hang on a minute, you are saying it is different because you enjoy eating it and you find it acceptable because everyone else is doing it. Hence, that is fine because it is the norm.

Really, Shirley?

How long do you want to stay in denial?

How long do you want to lie to yourself just because you are attached to eating meat?

You know what - meat is meat - regardless of which animal it comes from.

And when you decide to eat meat, you have some part to play in the whole killing game. 

In fact, you are one of its biggest supporter.

At the end of the day, you are too selfish to think about others.

You just want to satiate yourself and your appetite.

That is all you really care about.

Yes, these are the conversations I had with myself in my head.

And it went on and on because I was trying to justify my desire for eating meat.

Personally, I am not a big fan of animals or pets.

I don't keep pets.

I don't even like petting pets.

I don't like taking care of pets either.

But I realised that I do not need to like something in order for me to want to stop killing it.

I don't need to like pets and animals to feel concerned about not wanting to cause them more pain or suffering.

It is really so very un-necessary.

What I do like and care about is respecting life and that means, all life forms. Not just mine.

I'd like to think that we are the crowns of creation and with that comes certain responsibility. 

It is a responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves and speak for those who can't voice their pains / suffering.

We do not go about unloading more pain and suffering onto those who truly can't help themselves. 

No, we do have a choice.

We always have a choice. And we can exercise that choice with love, respect, dignity and kindness.

Because we would want the same for ourselves.

We seriously do not have the natural right to take the lives of others. Nor do we have the authority to dictate who gets to be killed and who gets to be eaten.


Frankly, my favourite food used to be tuna.

And I could it eat raw, seared, pan fried, smoked, etc.

But I decided that I would not die if I did not eat another piece of tuna for the rest of my life.

No more animals need to die so un-necessarily for me to continue living.

There are many various choices of food and they are much healthier choices.

In October 2009, I decided to opt for the diet of loving kindness. 

Yes, I became a vegetarian.

I've made my stand - no more killing. Not on my account, please.

I have enough bad karma as it is. I do not wish to add onto that plate much more than I already have.

I believe vegetarianism is a conscious choice, it is a decision one makes to not harm another living being.

As I have said, it is a diet of kindness that is sealed with a lot of love.

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