Friday, December 18, 2009

Homage to the Adamantine Garnet Goddess: VY

Here begins my love affair with the most beautiful but ferocious uber VAMP...

She walks in flames of ruby red fire,
Like the sun bursting in volcanic lava,
Her orange vermillion hair
Drapes her luscious neck,
Like the consummation of passion & desire.

Her eyes emit lightning darts
Crushing your ego,
Her lips part just enough
To swallow your ignorance whole,
The more you yearn
The deeper she'll burn
Luring you with raging sensuous heat
Into her silky satin web,
As your mind becomes her lair of games.

SHE'll have you crawling on your knees
SHE'll have you begging PLEASE!
SHE'll have you stripped, whipped and bared
SHE stands as the epitomy
Of seductive compassion in action,
Masking salvation
In latex and garters,
Peeling away all lies and fears,
Leaving no one behind.

Begin your own love affair with this red hot babe today.

Would you dare?

Naked and conquered,

Shirley Maya


  1. You are not a lesbian right? Is a person or what?

  2. Hahaha, rolling on the floor, laughing madly till my stomach hurts and my eyes misty. Do you still not get it? Its ok, no worries. It's not like you want to date me. Hahaha

  3. I bow to VajraYogini. Kazán.


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