Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Message to SELF: What Remains of the "Cause & Effect"....

Date: 22nd December 2009
Time: 58 minutes past midinight

Title of this entry: MESSAGE TO SELF

Purpose of this entry: To Remind and Slap Myself

Why: Because I am just getting too irritable and grouchy lately. And there should be no excuse.

This delightful play called
Which we have enabled
Through our various
Decisions, Speech and Actions Made
But we abhor
The results and consequences.

Do we suffer
Because of them?
Or allow others to suffer
Because of them?
Because of us?

How many of us
Have really pondered
Upon what we have actually
Said and done?

Do we even see ourselves
In the carnage or the wreckage?

From the very day
We learnt how to use words
And understood how to take action -
How have we used these 'talents'?

Did we use words
To cause further grief or promote joy?
Have our actions
Elicit positive or negative reactions
From those around us?

How many of us
Will really find the courage
To own up and take responsibility
For the various situations
That we have carved ourselves into?
Not to mention
Those we have caused others to fall into as well.

Perhaps it has become too easy
And convenient
To blame others
For everything that does not go our way

Perhaps it is less painful
To know that the real enemy
Lies within ourselves
And not outside.

Doubt not,
The cycle will not end
And it will most likely
REPEAT itself
Over and over again

How can anything change when we don't change?

If we want a different result, a better set of consequences - begin by first changing ourselves and not ask others to change their attitude towards us.

We must change our own attitude first and foremost. Here, I am alluding to the attitude of our mind.

As much as we have been the recipient, we have also been the perpetrator - antagonising others silently, viciously or even un-knowingly.

I know many people will protest and say, why must they do all the work and why must they be the ones to make the first move?

Well, for those who ask these types of questions and similar questions - I have only this to ask of them -

Do you want a better ending to your story?

Do you want a happier situation?

Would you like to see a solution rather than more problems arising?

Would you like a more positive response from others around?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then what are you waiting for?

Do you think it is someone else's job to do all the above for you?

How much success have any of your old thinking and existing methods helped you in any way?

Have you not waited long enough for others to do what you deemed or thought as the right thing to do, but you just sat there and did nothing in return?

If you seriously believe in taking control of your own life, you will NEVER wait for someone else to do what is right. Most of all, you will not waste time in wanting or asking someone else to do YOUR job.

You will do it yourself and you will go all the way.

You will not stop because no one gives you a medal for trying your best.

You will not whine and cry because no one handed you a trophy for coming all this way.

You will not shout and scream because the results you seek are not materialising immediately or as fast as you expect them.

No - you will do what is right because it is the MOST BENEFICIAL thing to do for everyone, including yourself.

You will undertake it all because you believe you hold your own stake in peace, happiness and harmony.

If you truly want to contend yourself with just being the recepient and not an active participant in life, then please give up all control and stop complaining. Just take and accept what comes your way or not come. Because you have already surrendered all your rights to DO, to TAKE PART, to be INVOLVED and STEER your life.

To make a difference, first BECOME THE DIFFERENCE.

Until then, please just shut up and save your B.S for some new audience to fool.

And you know what they say about audience - we can only fool them once. Pretty soon, we'll also run out of new audience.

There, enough words for reminding - Can I slap you now, Shirley?


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