Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Recipe: Broccoli Florets Sauteed with Ginger and Onion

This is the dish that I cooked from the book: EAT HEALTHY, DAILY

What I love about the recipes in this cookbook is that they are not only healthy simple vegetarian dishes, but they are also medicinal and healing. The recipes in this book are all created by Dr. Jiang, who have spent almost all his life studying and researching traditional chinese medicine through herbs and foods. He is from China.

"Dr. Jiang founded a natural health therapy center to provide natural therapies to enhance health and prevent illness without the use of drugs." (extracted from the book)

And all thanks to H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, the book became a reality to benefit all of us. Rinpoche has always been a firm believer in natural and holistic healing.

"I felt I would like to bring these wonderful, ancient, healing and special recipes to the world at large. I thought that this book would benefit a lot of people who are particular about their taste buds, and who would like meals which are healthy, very easy to make and economical, because none of these dishes are expensive at all." ~ Tsem Rinpoche (extracted from the book)

I must say, before doing the show and reading this book, I have not been one to care about my health and what I eat. My diet was mostly composed of junk food, junk snacks and lots of carbonated drinks. My all time faves were Cherry Coke and Dr. Pepper.

My most staple food was FRENCH FRIES. I used to just live on french fries! Yes, I know. I am walking toxic wasteland, waiting to explode.

So, doing the show, VEG & THE CITY, is definitely a very good thing for me personally, especially in terms of my health.

There are many exciting episodes coming up. So, do stay tuned. Every episode is a learning experience for me. So, I truly hope that it educates as well as entertain our viewers.

Now, here's the recipe -

Please note that all the combinations and amounts in the ingredients are created as such for its healing properties. So, Dr. Jiang does not advise that we modify them IF we are eating for healing and medicinal purposes. If we are just eating to fill our stomachs and stay healthy, then I guess we can go ahead and modify the recipe according to our own preference. Please do look out for any allergic reactions as everyone is different.

In the show, we used the following :-

300g of broccoli cut into individual florets (this was rather tricky for me but I am sure anyone who is accustomed to cooking will not have a problem)

1 medium red onion cut in half and thinly sliced (Is there any way to cut onions without crying? If you do know of a way, please do let me know too!)

2 inch ginger thinly sliced

1 tablespoon of soy sauce

2 tablespoon of vegetable oil

salt to taste with a pinch of brown sugar

So, we wash the broccoli well. Then we blanch in it boiling water for 1 minute. The colour of the broccoli will change to a brighter green. This is true! It did as you saw in the show. Then we drain the broccoli of the hot boiling water and immediately place it in a bowl of cold water. We drain it and set aside.

Then we heat the oil in the pan. Make sure that the oil is sufficiently heated up first. Then we proceed to saute the ginger and onion till its all fragrant and nice. Then, we add the soy sauce. We stir fry for a bit and we add the broccoli.

Stir briskly to mix all the ingredients well and thoroughly. Add the salt and pinch of sugar to taste. And it's done. Ready to be served and eaten! My favourite part - the eating!

There are many health benefits that broccoli provides. As I have mentioned some of them in the show. In the cookbook, there is a chart that spells out all the goodness and nutritional benefits of each vegetable and ingredient. I love that chart! It's so informative and useful.

What's even better - it also informs us of the side effects,  if any. Like cooking at high temperatures will destroy much of the nutritional value in broccoli. That's why its recommended that we blanch and stir fry briskly. Not too long. In fact, eating raw is really best. Sorry, I can't pull that one off. I can probably eat raw carrots, cucumber and tomatoes, may be some lettuce - but that's it! Well, if it was absolutely necessary, may be I shall be persuaded. But for now, I'll stick to blanching and stir frying.

I really recommend the cookbook. It's only RM20! Very, very cheap. Especially when we consider its healing benefits. So, when you get the book, we can cook together and share more of our cooking experiences together.

Do drop us a note to share your favourite vegetarian recipes and your own vegetarian journey. We would love to hear from you! We appreciate any comments that helps us to improve the show further.

Until the next episode, I'll leave you with this lovely quote from Tsem Rinpoche.

"I would like everybody to have good health, to be free of pain and medicinal problems and to have a very long life."  

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