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Into the "Pleasure Domes" of Bangkok

The NST RED published my article today on this subject matter. However, the article that appeared in the newspaper was heavily censored. 



Most of us know of Thailand as the “Land of Smiles”. However, only the cultured few would understand why Bangkok is hailed as “City of Angels”. In fact, most Thais do not call their capital city as Bangkok. In Thai, it is called “Krung Thep” and this is roughly translated to “City of Angels”. Some might even say that the city is an eternal jewel where angels can be heard chanting from the break of dawn.

Traditional Thai Temple

To me, Bangkok is a city of contrasts where one would find spectacular monasteries and heritage buildings amid modern structures and alleys of endless desires for sale in all its diversity. Indeed, Bangkok is an eclectic gem where everything or anything IS possible. 

The Night Skyline of Bangkok

In my recent trip, I decided to abandon the well-travelled path to shopping havens and chic clubs of Bangkok. I decided to venture down the uncensored spaces of Bangkok’s “pleasure domes”. The very ones most people do not talk about, and women are forbidden to enter – unless of course, you happen to be one of the women working there.

Now, please do not confuse these fantasy-fulfilling establishments with the sleazy joints to be found in Phat Phong. There is a huge world of difference here. What I am referring to are high end luxurious Gentlemen’s Clubs, where membership starts at a minimum of RM5000. In Bangkok, these clubs are commonly known as “Coyote Clubs”. There are many versions of them in different price range. However, the “Coyote Club” I visited incognito was one of the most expensive in Bangkok. In this particular place, we’d find the latest models of Ferraris, Bentleys and Lamborghinis parked outside with the valet. Again, I stress, this is an exclusive venue whereby one must be prepared to shell-out at least three to five thousand ringgit in one night.

From the exterior, the massive black structure looks like an innocuous warehouse. Yet upon entering the commanding black doors, everything is teasingly revealed. The only brightly lit section of this entire club is its reception area. Large black crystal chandeliers are hung from the high ceilings, draped in black velvet. The walls are veiled with rich fabric designs. There are no chairs but black mirrors of various sizes to amplify the seductive ambience. You will soon appreciate why when you see the number of gorgeous ladies lining up to greet you with their dazzling smiles. On their busiest night, there would be about 300 girls working in the club. On their quieter nights, the number of girls available would hover around 150. Still, it is an impressive sight to behold.

Most of the club’s regular customers would arrive before 12 midnight in order to choose their ‘preferred’ girls. After 1am, the remaining girls who are not chosen would literally go home. It is the Club’s policy that no girls would remain in the building if they were not chosen.

After the Coyote girl selection has been made through their respective “mama-sans”, guests are ushered through another set of doors to a hallway that leads into the heart of the club. This is the main entertainment hall. It is a huge triple volume theatre-like room with a sizeable stage set in the middle. The stage itself is more than 4 feet in height, and is constructed in a manner that allows all spectators to have an unobstructed view of the ‘shows’. Hence, everyone is guaranteed to have a good view no matter where they are seated.

If one prefers even more discretion, there are several private themed rooms available at additional charges, of course. Every single item in this club comes with a price. There are no freebies here. The privileged rooms are mostly individual karaoke rooms. In here, the guests can sing, drink, dance and frolic with their female escorts without the prying eyes of the crowds. However, it is only in the main entertainment hall that one would get to see all the “live-action”.

Please note that THIS CLUB IS NOT A BROTHEL. Kindly do not confuse the Coyote girls with prostitutes. You cannot buy sex here. The girls are meant to keep you company, “play” with you, drink with you and “tease” you in their own unique ways.

A live band usually performs all the hit songs from the current billboard charts before the Coyote girls take over the stage to perform their “sexy little numbers”. These are mostly provocative dance routines. And no, they do not strip. As I have said earlier, these ladies are a class above the rest. What they sell is fantasy and companionship to be utilized only in the club. The men are allowed to touch the girls, but no vulgar groping would be tolerated. The men who frequent this particular club are not savages. For one, they all have serious money to burn. Secondly, they actually enjoy the company of beautiful women and will not risk scaring any of them away. After all, the men are paying for every second spent with their enchanting companions.

The ladies who work here are educated and most of them are still in school or college. The youngest Coyote is seventeen years old. It is this Club’s criteria that all their girls must be smoldering uber hot babes who look like models or movie stars, and nothing less. Their faces could rival the ladies who grace the front covers of any fashion magazines, and their bodies are sculptured like the “Angels” from “Victoria’s Secret” – even if it is artificially enhanced. In keeping with the male fantasy, their attire consists of barely anything but worn in a tasteful style. Most importantly, these Coyotes are all eager to please every paying male customer. The girls’ mandate is simple – make every guy happy so that he will buy as many bottled liquor as possible throughout the night. Each Coyote girl has a quota of 5 bottles to “sell” or a variety of drinks to “push” per night. Undoubtedly, they all have to drink and “play” with each customer in order to fulfill their own targets. By the end of each night, when the club closes, each Coyote will meet with their “mama-sans” and tabulate their individual earnings. Each “mama-san” takes care of 10 to 12 Coyote girls.

Most of these girls desperately need the money, and clubs like these pay them the most. Of course, every girl has to meet her sales quota for each night. Naturally, I could not help but wonder about the state of their livers by the time these girls reach 30 years of age. Such lifestyle as theirs is not exactly healthy in any sense of the word. Nonetheless, for a few hours each night, these girls look and feel like Goddesses. As they are raised on their own pedestals at the main stage every night, they revel in their moment to shine. Above all, it is to be desired and adored by all the males in the crowd.

All the men who frequent this club are of various ages and races. Only the very rich local Thais can afford its steep entrance or membership fees. The rest of their clientele are mostly from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Yes, there are no “white devils” or what the Thais would call “farangs” to be found here. This Club is solely fueled by the power of the “yellow fever”.

When the Coyote girls go up on stage, all the men in the room would start throwing their money around and bid for the prettiest girl to be by their side. Alternatively, they can also pay for a certain Coyote girl to remain on the stage and dance erotically for them. In this sensuous arena, every male is served like an Emperor and they can command the alluring women’s devoted attention. On that one night, both the paying men and the women performing get their own fantasy fulfilled.

The Coyote Girls Take Over The Stage

As the Club closes its doors at 4am sharp, the males would reluctantly tear themselves from their charming escorts and leave the premises. However, the night or fun does not end for some of the more informed gentlemen. They would adjourn to a special spa complex. No, this is nothing like “Healthland” or “Divana Spa” in Bangkok. This is a massage parlour of another kind. For the lack of a better word, I call it “The Bath House”. Again, women are prohibited from entering such places. Hence, I had to sneak in under a disguise.

“The Bath House” is situated far from the Sukhumvit area in Bangkok. It is equivalent to entering an aquarium without water. Similarly, from the outside, it looks exactly like an office building. However, once the entrance doors are opened, you would be greeted with a large glass window. There are drapes behind the glass to conceal the “surprise”. The décor of this place is sleek and swanky. No opulence is found here. Only after your “spa treatment” is decided on, would the curtains be pulled apart to reveal a bevy of bikini-clad beauties. This is how your masseuse is chosen. You have the option to choose more than one. I was told of a regular customer who would always choose 5 masseuses to work on his entire body. Two for his upper body, two more for his lower body and one just focused on his neck. Any combination is possible as long as your imagination can conjure it, and your wallet can pay for it.

Before you enter the inner sanctums of the “Bath House”, it is advisable to leave your inhibitions at the reception counter. As I have mentioned earlier, this is not your regular spa. Your masseuse or masseuses will carry out your spa treatment without the bikini. She or they will use every part of their nude bodies to work on yours. Yes, please wrap your heads around that for a moment.

Your private chamber consists of dim lights and a marble slab. You’d lay on the slab without a shred of clothing. Overhead, you’d find all the modern shower hose readily installed for convenient use. Regardless of what ‘treatment’ you have chosen you will be given a bath first, without moving from that very marble slab. In fact, everything will be performed on you while you remain on that slab. The only time you would move is when your masseuse asks you to turn over, and then she will proceed to work on the other side of your bare body. If it is not clear enough by now, the answer is yes, you are all naked throughout the whole procedure. And yes, a “happy ending” is optional. 
Only in Bangkok, can we find such elite tantalizing spaces. I have always said that no one can ever be lonely or alone in this “City of Angels” – especially if you are a man. You could arrive into this city without knowing a single soul, but before the night is over, you would have invariably made a friend or two. There are many forms of “Angels” abound in Bangkok. Some are sweet and lovely, while some may be motivated by the dollar signs. However, almost all “Angels” are just working hard to survive in whatever jobs they can find. Not all “Angels” are fallen, and not all fallen “Angels” are bad. It is up to you to discover what type of “Angel” she really is. As with every space in each city, choose wisely. 


The Angelic Thai Women

P/s For those who are wondering…I DID NOT engage in any of the above activities. I was merely a fly on the wall – literally. 

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