Monday, January 14, 2013

The Only Swift in Taylor Swift is....

I tried holding myself back.

I really did try!








I totally do not understand why the media would fawn all over Taylor Swift and praising her solo appearances as the "revenge looks” or showing “what Harry Styles is missing”!

The so-called "Revenge Look"

Seriously? Are you kidding me?

Harry Styles ain't missing that girl! That's why he and the scores of other men have left her in the first place!

Changing the way you look, or dress is not going to change the person you are inside! If it were that easy, none of us would still be plagued with the very issues that we are trying to overcome.

Changing our appearances IS ONLY A SUPERFICIAL alteration.
It does nothing to really help us to resolve anything real.

What's worse - it does not last!

All these "make-overs" ARE TEMPORARY.

Once the fancy dress, make-up and hair come off - we are back to what we really are!

 The only thing that can truly change us for the better is to change ourselves from within.

The view within has to change first before anything else on the outside can change. 

Yea, I should know. I hold a MBA in Change. It's called, Masters of Brilliant Adaptation! Hehe

Yup, Harry Styles will take one look at this and run back to you, Ms. Swift

As Tina Fey rightly jibed about Ms. Swift -“No, she needs some ‘me time’ to learn about herself".

Ms. Swift needs to understand why she needs to be hopping from one man to another! Because the only thing swift about Ms. Taylor is how fast she jumps from one BF to another. It’s like she cannot stand being on her own for more than seven days or something.

My personal message to Ms. Swift –

Girl, stop validating your worth through men. Start investing time in perfecting who you really are inside and stop over-compensating yourself with all these low cut revealing dresses. It's so un-becoming. And by the way, I am sure you really do not need another sad relationship to “inspire” you in writing a new song or coming out with a new album. You can be your own source of joy and comfort.

There, I said it! 

It's out! 

And now, I can go back to my normal routine. Hahaha

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