Monday, January 7, 2013


How they injure and maim
The depth of each cut
Slices through every vein
Of our throbbing hearts

Inflicting pains
Without wounds
A Bloodless massacre
All our scars

Whence do they 
Reap such powers?
Do hate and anger prey
On innocent flowers
Before they could bloom?

Without warning
They beguile and dazzle
The unsuspecting minds
Provoking the rise and fall
Of raptured emotions

Weaving beauty into every line
Embedding soft caresses
Into every whispered verb
Reigning our souls
With its impassioned speeches

How we worship
The Written Word
How we raze through 
Every page or sentence 
Of eloquence in nouns

Like a song it lulls
Every listener 
To delirium
Sparing only
The deaf 

The wielder of words
Disarms with 
An Army of Language
He becomes
A Master of Universe.

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