Monday, May 3, 2010


DAY FORTY-TWO: Saturday, 1st May 2010

Today both my daughter and I could have died on our way home.

I was driving and she was sitting next to me in the passenger’s seat.

It was raining as usual in this equatorial land. Yes, it was late evening.

I was driving slower than usual.

I was even in the slow lane.

We were just making a sharp left corner, taking our own sweet time when suddenly, the car going on the outer lane, next to us, started to skid as it turned.

Right in front of us, it spun and hit the divider.

Both of us were so shocked that it was happening right before our very eyes.

Then the car started to turn and it spun again, now charging straight at us.

In that split second, which I am sure happened all very fast, but somehow, time slowed down and I was able to re-collect myself calmly.

I turned my own car to avoid this on-coming car that is spinning out of control, in that tight corner. It was headed towards my daughter’s side.

Yet I had to make sure that there were no cars coming behind me or to the side of me if I am making a sharp right to avoid this damaged car altogether.

So, I glanced at both my rear view mirror and side mirror and just turned my wheel to the right and sped off as fast as I could.

And though we managed to escape from a fate that could have been fatal, as I was driving away, I was still looking at my rear view mirror. I kept thinking, should I just stop my car and go help the poor damaged car. I was not even sure if the people were seriously hurt in that car, and how many were they.

In that instance, my daughter’s life and mine were far more important than theirs.

And yes, I was still pondering – should I turn back and go help.

I am sure if my daughter was not with me, I would have stopped and helped the other car.

But now sitting here, I realised that I am still very much attached to my skin and not just worried for my daughter’s well being. This is something I must continue to work on - greater compassion for others and not just self.

My daughter was so frightened that she went silent for a long while.

It was not until we reached home safely that she confided how scared she was and how fast her heart was beating.

We are both very glad that we lived to see another day and tomorrow when we both attend our mother’s and daughter’s flower arrangement class, it would be extra special.

I cannot help but feel that this evening, someone else took my suffering away from me and it became theirs. Someone else’s pain gave us another day longer to realise the importance of having what we have today.

An angel must have watched over us in particular for this evening. And in Tibetan Buddhism, our Angel is our Dharma Protector. In our case, our Dharma Protector is Lord Setrap.

I am very confident that Lord Setrap saved us yet again.

HE has saved me many times before. A few times from a fate worse than death itself.

I am not normally a person who can keep a calm and quick mind in times of crisis, but this evening, I had calmness and quick reflexes. So, that is very unusual indeed.

I am most grateful to our Dharma Protector. HE is a true Guardian Angel.

Thank you dearly, Lord Setrap!

Now, for my very much alive DAY FORTY-TWO :-

Weight: 53kg

No. Of Prostrations: 75

Daily Sadhanas: Check and Done with Death Meditation and Dzambala Mantra.

Physical Exercise: 55 mins

Daily Reflection from "IF NOT NOW, WHEN?" – Here we go. I close my eyes and I picked out page 107.

Quote from Page 107 for Day Forty-Two:

“COMPASSION – Compassion is realising that others want the same thing as we do. But we also realise that they are more and each of us are only one, so working for the majority is correct.

A wish-granting jewel can confer on you material gains but a negative person or a person who hurts you can confer on you ENLIGHTENMENT because they gave you the greatest opportunity to practise patience, love, compassion and love. They are the greatest test to see if you have compassion and love.”

Personal Thoughts and Feelings:

I totally get that now and I do see it as such.

Previously, I would be crying, screaming, bitching and yelling at every person who I thought has wronged me, spoilt my day or ruined my perfect arrangement of things.

These days, I welcome them as tests to gauge how my mind has progressed or regressed.

At the end of the day, I find myself become a lot less grouchy and more tolerant, or even understanding.

Suddenly, everything is really bearable – more than bearable. It is actually ok.

And if shit happens, and mean people come by so be it. It does not need to change me into the wrathful bitch from hell.

In fact, nothing should de-stabilize me unless I allow them to.

Then before I know it, I am going about my days with a whole lot less drama and un-necessary shouting matches.

What a relief that is to the whole environment! Myself included.


  1. OMG....both of u must b in shocked. Lucky u guys r ok. Thank u lord setrap.

  2. Bless you and your daughter!

    I often like to believe it's an angel who watches over us too.


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