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DAY THIRTY-TWO: Wednesday, 21st April 2010

Lately, I am in a poetic mood. This is something I have written a while back.

And I dedicate this poem to everyone, because we are the sum of life on earth.

Soft like snow

Healing like rain

Passionate like a storm

Warm as yellow

Rich as purple

Pure as white

After the snow melts

After the rain floods

After the storm rages

The sun rises

And a rainbow shines over us

Like a glorious halo

We are

As always

The embodiment

Of all life and colours

Of the earth.

We go through many things in life - from learning to walk our first few steps to running wild, and then believing that we can fly. In some experiences, we come out on top. While in others, we get knocked up. Soon we will discover that each experience is in itself a crucial lesson. When we refuse to stay down and be weighed down, when we persist and proceed, we can even reach for the stars.

Before we learnt how to laugh, we actually came out of our mother's wombs, crying and screaming. This may be why we may tend to laugh less and cry more. Hence, knowing how to protect our hearts becomes a priority and learning to trust someone becomes a scarcity. But in true living and loving, we will treasure both joyful laughter and tears of pain.

Finally, when we are laid to rest in our final box, we will disintegrate into the soil of mother earth. Will beautiful flowers grow right above us? Or even a tree? Will we be remembered for the things we did, said and built? Or will we be defined by the people we love? Did we leave behind a trail of mess and pain, or do we have a heritage of values to pass on?

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, life in its ever changing twists and turns, takes each of us through a seemingly endless cycle. When our final resting hour beckons, all will be too late, all will be lost. So, why wait till then?

Say the things you want to say to the people you love or dream to love. Grab hold of them, and love them without pride or conditions. Forgive the people in your life now, because regret is a poison that will sting you in the end.You'll never know if their time on earth is going to be as long as yours.

Forgive, forget and let it go. The world has enough of garbage as it is. We do not need to add to the rubbish.

Cleanse your mind as you cleanse your soul.

Keep it real, stay true to yourself.

All we have right now is just time. And when that is taken away, there is really nothing left. Eventually, even the body that you have right now, will betray you. WE will grow old, become sick and die. And when we leave this place, we can't take anyone or anything along with us.

Now for my DAY THIRTY-TWO :-

Weight: 53kg

No. Of Prostrations: 40

Daily Sadhanas: Check and Done with Death Meditation and Dzambala Mantra.

Physical Exercise: 35 minutes

Daily Reflection from "IF NOT NOW, WHEN?" – Here we go. I close my eyes and I picked out page 029.

Quote from Page 029 for Day Thirty-Two:

“If you believe in God, that’s fabulous; if you believe in Buddha, that’s fabulous; if you don’t believe in anything, that’s fabulous.

But please believe in yourself and please believe in the happiness you can bring to the people around you.

Believe in that.

Wouldn’t that be lovely? “

Personal Thoughts and Feelings:

Life is too short to be summed up in anger, hate, resentment, bitterness and pain.

Are you going to allow your life to be defined that way?

Happiness does lie in the deeds of your hands, in the words from your lips and in the thoughts within your mind.

Above all, it is in your caring heart.

Enough said.

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